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a really charming sociopath...

antisocial personality disorder

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Hi everyone, i'm panic4. I'm a girl and I think that you sure are wondering, why i don't write my name here, but I guess I am afraid of the Internet, like everybody else. We all know my reasons so I will not explain that at all. If you want to add me, go ahead, just remember to leave a post here, I'll surely add you back. I'm a friendly person who loves disney channel and Ashley Tisdale. If we get to be very cool friends I will open too you and share personal info. Continuing with my interests I also love chess, I love Alice in Wonderland, I love the Girl, Interrupted book and movie and so many other things. I would like to be a psychiatrist, but I don't think I would become one. I guess I would work on something related with computers, but again I like to read books about mental illnesses and stuff, they get to be very interesting for me.

Well, see you in comments.

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ashley tisdale is love